Naan Ee

Naan Ee is a Tamil socio-fantasy comedy entertainer directed by S. S. Rajamouli. It stars Nani, Sudeep and Samantha in the lead roles. This film will be releasing in Telugu as Eega. The main story of the movie is villain kills hero. Hero is reborn as Ee (fly). Ee happens to remember what happened in its last birth. The rest of the story is about Ee’s indomitable effort to irritate villain and take revenge on him. It is an experimental film with mainstream emotions and financial viability…. [Read more from official website]

Critical Reviews

Naan Ee is a film that touch both heart and mind; that make you surrender completely to the power of the experience. It’s films like this that make going to the cinema an out-of-the-world experience, and boy it’s jolly good fun. Don’t miss it… [Read more from Sify]

Naan Ee is sure to entertain children but it doesn’t mena that it wont appeal to the adults. It has enough ingredients to be an entertainment for all… [Read more from Chennai Online]

‘Naan Ee’ is rather high on special effects and computer graphics and is to make an impact. Maragadhamani’s music, especially the peppy background score need appreciation.The house-fly does take wing in ‘Naan Ee’ and is expected to fly high… [Read more from FilmGlitz]

The film is a technical triumph, especially the visual effects by Makuta VFX. Barring the scene when it hatches from the egg and certain close-ups that clearly scream animation, the housefly is a success, right from the red compound eyes and body hair to the almost transparent wings… [Read more from Times of India]

Naan Ee is a visual feast for the audiences with few dialogues, good music with a predictable plot and excellent cinematography. Last but not least director’s choice in roping in Santhanam, Aravind, Hamsa Nandini, Devadarshini, Thagubothu Ramesh, Aditya Menon et al keeping in mind different languages should be admired… [Read more from The Cinema News]

Coming to the main part, the visual effects, one can rightly call it marvelous! A mammoth attempt well transformed by a team. The housefly has been perfectly recreated. The special effects have set a benchmark in Tamil cinema. Making a hero out of a fly is commendable. Forget logics, enjoy grandeur and get immersed in fantasy. And ‘Naan Ee’ will make you fly in joy. A must watch family entertainer this never ending summer!.. [Read more from IndiaGlitz]

Fun, full-pelt fantasy entertainment! Book your tickets, grab the popcorn, Naan Ee is a perfect watch for this weekend! Dont miss this visual extravaganza!.. [Read more from Galatta]

SS Rajamouli, who has taken out best from his team, has proved again why he is called one of the best directors in South India. Undoubtedly, his experimental movie will win him a lot of laurels in the days to come… [Read more from OneIndia]

S.S. Rajamouli is a fan of this kind of loud cinema and he’s seen it all. He realizes that Tamil Cinema rests on stupidity. So why not push it to the extremes? Nevertheless, his fluttering hero is smarter than all the Kollywood heroes that it has been moulded by. Even when out of options, Naani creates new opportunities to enter Sudeep’s fortress and turns it inside out… [Read more from Nowrunning]